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A few words on a webpage can’t really describe what the Student Ministries at Adaville are all about. You really have to experience it. But since we don’t have the technology to let you have a virtual reality experience through our website (yet!) we’ll try to use words and see how close we can get.

The Student Ministries at Adaville exist to be a LIGHT!

L–Love God We try to do this with our lives at all times, but with so many activities going on in our lives, we sometimes neglect to spend time worshiping God. At Adaville, not only do we have special services that we focus on our relationship with God, we also provide resources to help that focus continue throughout the week.
I–Invest in Relationships! We put a high priority on relationships. Healthy friendships are an important part of making life enjoyable, not to mention how much they help us grow closer to God. In addition to other fun, relationship-building activities throughout the year, we spend some time on Wednesday nights in Small Groups of 5-8 people each, digging deeper into our Bible passage/topic of the week and sharing our prayer concerns and our life with each other.
G–Grow like Jesus! The Bible says that when Jesus was a teenager, He grew in favor with men and God. That’s the kind of growth we want to have. We want others to respect our integrity, and more importantly, we want God to be pleased with our life. That can only happen by constantly growing in our faith. That kind of growth is facilitated by studying God’s word (together and on our own) and stepping out of our comfort zone to be stretched in a new way of serving others. We try to provide opportunities where these kinds of things can happen-things like Bible Studies, discipleship activities including Disciple-Now and a Spring Lock-In, among other activities throughout the year.
H–Help others! Congratulations–you’re gifted!! God has equipped each of us with talents, gifts, personalities, and passions that make us unique. You have something special to offer. Not only do we want to help each other figure out what those gifts are, but also create opportunities to use and grow those abilities as we serve each other and our community. Our Youth Choir is very active and we schedule community ministry projects, mission trips, and leadership opportunities.
T–Tell Everyone! Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, His last words were a command for us to share the Good News with all the world. That Good News is that God loves you and wants a relationship with you! At Adaville we want to help you find ways to share the Good News with your friends and with all the world. We do that by learning practical ways to talk to your friends about God, by having events that are a little easier to invite friends to that a regular church service, and by sponsoring and participating in world missions.
Well I hope that helps a little bit. All in all we’re just a group of friends who are trying to follow Jesus together. We make mistakes, but try to help each other get back on track.

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