A Sunday School class provides authentic community for every person.
It can satisfy that longing for belonging like nothing else.


Our nursery is provided every Sunday morning during Sunday School and morning worship. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child so that you can attend Sunday School and morning worship and your child can be shown the love of Jesus. Our nursery volunteers are specifically trained and have many years of experience loving and taking care of this group. The nursery has polices and procedures for sanitation and check-in/check-out to ensure a great environment for your child. The nursery is located in the hallway behind the sanctuary.
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Our Children’s Sunday School Ministry is dedicated to reaching boys and girls with the gospel message in appropriate levels of understanding. We provide learning opportunities that will help each child to know God and understand God’s plan for their lives. Our teachers use a variety of methods to involve children as they learn biblical truths.
Preschool 3 years through Kindergarten | Room FL102
1st & 2nd Grade | Room FL103
3rd & 4th Grade | Room FL104
5th & 6th Grade | Room FL105
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Our teenagers gather on Sunday morning for prayer and Bible study. Currently we’re working through the entire Bible in chronological order.
Lead Teacher:  | Room FL300
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The Young Adults gather at local restaurants each Sunday morning for fellowship and Bible study. See facebook.com/groups/AdavilleYoungAd for this week’s meeting place.
Lead Teacher: Various class members | meet at local restaurants

We are a group of 30s & 40s year old couples who study a variety of topics as we feel the Spirit leading. Our class in very interactive and discussion-based. We truly enjoy the fellowship we share. We take time each week to see how we can pray for each other.
Lead Teachers: John & Lauren Crotts | Room ED206
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We are a diverse group. We have singles and couples from the 30s to the 60s. We have lively discussion about the Word of God and the needs of others, as well as our own journeys. We welcome and seek to involve new members.
Lead Teachers: most class members teach once per quarter | Room ED303
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Our class is a couples class of varied age ranges. Discussion is welcomed as we learn to apply what scripture is saying about being Christ’s followers in the world around us. We welcome newcomers to join us in Sunday School as well as our fellowship meals. We are always eager to meet the needs of class members as well as others in the community. Our goal is to allow God’s Word to be our “Strength Builder” as we face the challenges of life.
Lead Teacher: Lynn Ross | Room ED104
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We are a mixed bag of believers. We refer to ourselves as the “island of misfit toys”. If you don’t fit anywhere else, you will fit here perfectly! We have married, single, & divorced class members. We are open to all ages. Our classes are discussion-based. Our goal is to study the scripture and apply it to our lives. We are always accepting new members! We enjoy breakfast together quarterly.
Lead Teacher: Karen Long-Moore | Room ED302
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The Dot Ward Sunday School Class (named for a beloved former teacher) is a diverse class of retired couples and singles, middle-aged couples, and widows. Our classes are discussion based with voluntary contributions from many members. We do not have one designated teacher and have learned that this cooperative teaching approach has helped each of us to grow spiritually through more personal Bible study. Our class enjoys a variety of mission opportunities as we often give assistance to elderly church members, non-church members, a needy family at Christmas, and as we participate in the After School Back-Pack Program. We also give financial support to many facets of our Youth and Children’s programs. Of course, we are always there for our class members when a need arises, and as a class, we also enjoy covered dish meals on special occasions or holidays. As our class has become more willing to share personal joys and sorrows, our burdens and our praises, we have grown closer as a fellowship of believers, listeners, and encouragers. We welcome new members to our class and hope they will experience a loving, caring, and accepting sense of God’s family.
Lead Teachers: various class members | Room ED301
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Jubilee is a co-ed class of middle aged and senior adults, singles and couples, who love and appreciate the study of God’s Word. The scriptures are taught with an emphasis on practical application, striving for a deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s revelation to His people. Participation in class discussion is completely voluntary. We are a class with a love for people and a heart for ministry, serving Him by serving others. We meet regularly for class fellowship, and have a strong bond of friendship and faith. We always seek and welcome visitors and new members to our class, anyone of any age who is looking for a place to belong and serve.
Lead Teacher: Wanda Davis

Our group is a men’s class who truly want to know God’s word better. We are currently mostly senior adults, but are looking for younger & median age men to join us. Discussion is always welcome, but not required of any individual. Our class maintains a small fund by which the class is able to help needy families and worthy causes.
Lead Teacher: Eric Ross | Room ED205
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We are a group of older men that love God’s Word and claim every word to be a guideline for our lives. We learn every week that we are not too old for God to use and to teach us.
Lead Teacher: Don Diley

We are a small group of senior ladies who emphasize teaching God’s word and learning to apply it to our lives today. Group discussion and lots of feedback are common in our meetings. We are simply a loving group of ladies.
Lead Teacher: Kathy McCabe | Room ED101
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