Ways we communicate

take home papers – often, your child’s leader will send home pages that your child worked on in his/her class; these pages may also include ideas for Family Faith Celebrations or other follow-up discussions

text alerts – (youth & parents) useful for reminders, Last-Minute changes, etc. To sign up, give Chad your cell number and carrier or sign up here.

email – Chad sends out weekly emails to parents.  These emails inform parents of what we’re studying and give information about upcoming events. To sign up, send an email to You are also welcome to email Chad with any questions or concerns.

phone call – feel free to call or text Chad anytime at 828.305.2374 .

visit – come by the church office almost anytime Mon-Thurs to meet Chad or any of the church staff (call ahead to make sure we’re in the office-ministry happens outside the office, too.)